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Culture never stands still. People’s needs and wants, their motivations and passions constantly evolve. Only by staying close to societal values and trends can we create branded content and experiences that people truly care about.

That’s what we do.

We believe the world of music is the most powerful way of connecting with people on an emotional level.

With our content reaching billions and teams of 74 countries, UMG FOR BRANDS offers a unique approach to brand marketing. Whether your brand is looking to shift perception, reach a new generation, boost sales, or build loyalty we will help you define your voice in culture.



All great ideas stem from three key elements; brand, consumer and cultural insight. Our data, tools and expertise allow us to get under the skin of brand personality and speak to your consumers in a way they want to be spoken to. By understanding characteristics of target audiences and how they consume products and music, we identify the best creative activations to connect brands with consumers.

Artist merchandise is a cornerstone in creating and galvanizing super fans. But we don’t just create merchandise for our artists, we create innovative connections from the fandoms of an artist and your brands through collaboration.

Our creative teams specialize in building 360 multi-platform campaigns. We create unique experiential branded, live, and virtual productions. So whether you want to tell a captivating story or create an unforgettable brand moment, our team’s got you covered.

Using data, insights, and as industry experts, we match the right talent to your event or campaign objectives. Need to know the next big thing? No problem. Need an artist for your event? We’ve made booking as easy for you as possible. Want to know what artists are going to be most passionate about your product? We can do that too. Our team has an obsessive attention to detail around the inner workings of the popular culture of tomorrow.

We have the biggest catalog of music in the world. As experts we break down music to sound, melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, structure, and expression. From here we find the best match for your needs. Whether it’s for a series, film, commercial, jingle, or a leisurely stroll; the subtlety of choosing the right sound track is an artform in itself to us.


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